Bree Jones

Having trouble moving forward after your diagnosis? Want strategies to make a change? Need to figure out how to support someone with a new diagnosis? I can teach you how!!

I am ready to help you discover your own awesome NINJA skills or how to support someone who needs you. Keeping you encouraged to move forward, by helping you smash through obstacles, spin kick fears, and transform your challenges into a FANTABULISTIC life of Understanding, Fitspiration & Happiness!

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    The M.S. Ninja

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About Bree Jones

Heyyy Ninjas! My name is Bree Jones and I am The MS Ninja. My weakness (Multiple Sclerosis) is also my strength because of what it has taught me about my own health, ability, and determination. Life can actually be really good, even with a functional disability, and I want to show you how. I am so excited to find the NINJA IN YOU!!!!

Want to find out more about me and my journey, – Dig a little deeper??? The suspense is agonizing, huh????


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Not only does her personality ‘sparkle’ so does her very sharp intellect. Bree is very diligent and methodical in her problem solving practices never sacrificing quality for speed but seemingly always to deliver on both. She’s definitely a ‘keeper’ and I’d strongly recommend her as a very rare talent… DEVON BRYAN

Co-Founder, President, International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP)

She has always been very dependable and reliable with a positive attitude. I strongly recommend her for her services especially in the field of wellness. Christine Love

Business Owner, Song Writer, Real Estate Guru, Note by Note, Inc

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