Fighting Inflammation Ninja Style

Fighting Inflammation Ninja Style

Everybody and in every body has inflammation.  And while some may tell you it’s a bad thing to have, inflammation in smaller amounts is good for the body when it comes to exercise. However, when it starts happening repeatedly due to a bad diet, lack of exercise, or autoimmune disease, it can affect your mood at the very least. In my case my MS or diseases like it such as Lupus, Thyroid syndromes, Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome they are all affected by inflammation in the body. Symptoms are triggered or increased when inflammation occurs.  If I were to just focus on one symptom for the sake of this blog, I’ll say that fatigue is one to set in quickly and the most misdiagnosed in an immune system that is chronically over excited. Issues that can raise inflammation include stress, lack of exercise, eating too much junk food, or have long-lasting low-inflammation triggers.

Here are a few Ninja secret (not so secret LOL 😉) tricks that can help with Inflammation

  1. Fitness Time

This will always be my #1. It’s made the most different in my life. Everyone has a different limit and everyone has a different start point. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Yoga , Walking, Running, Pilates, Daily Stretching all can reduce your stress which lessens inflammation. No matter what your level or what your goals you should at least do a low impact workout daily, it will make a huge difference. 

  1. Eat More Leafy Greens

Whole-food plant-based diets are becoming more common place.  It is often called Vegetarian or Vegan. This diet of mostly plant based foods can help lower inflammation. The meats in our society now have become overly processed with hormones and antibiotics and cause more inflammation than they ever did in the past. Eat more greens! 

  1. Gut Health

Taking in health pro and pre-biotics, which is the good bacteria that fights infections, can impact and reduce the symptoms of heart inflammation. You should have a good probiotic like yogurt, pickles, dark chocolate, kimchi, or sauerkraut daily. Pre-biotics can be found in garlic, onions, apples, and bananas 

  1. Laugh and Smile

Last but definitely not least HAVE FUN WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!! Have conversations, have social interaction and just genuinely enjoy yourself. Research shows that having good social contact each day can be a powerful anti-inflammatory. So laugh and smile away!!!

Pictures provided by Logomakr, and Pixabay



New Year…New Me…UGGGGHHHH!

New Year…New Me…UGGGGHHHH!

The 1st day of the new year… You know the routine..NEW YEAR…NEW ME! BLAHHHHH BLAHHHHH BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

As you can see, I have an issue with that statement in some if not many aspects.  So let’s discuss Ninjas. People make resolutions all the time and they usually fall to the wayside.  So you have a choice…make a resolution or make a life changing decision! You can utter words that make you feel better for a few weeks or you can dig into a real “WHY” you want a change and give it some true meaning. This can be for anything. Real talk, I know I focus on mostly health and wellness, but it doesn’t have to be weight loss, health and wellness, but we know that is usually where this statement dredges it’s focus. However, it can be in making a healthier relationship, doing better in your business, or making a career change. 

Whatever is going to make a New Year…New You…Put some thought into it. Why are you wanting this new life change? What is fueling your dream? When you have a strong enough why, then you will have a purpose to keep it going and that will push you from the resolution phase to life changing phase! Now you have to put a plan in place, actionable steps that can get you to where you want to go. If the “thing/dream/goal” is lofty and will take a while to get there, break it into small steps and make it something obtainable. If you are trying to become a millionaire you can’t just say it and hope it happens…what are you going to do to make that happen??? If you have to or want to lose 100lbs what steps will you take? Because JUST working out on a treadmill won’t get it! 

If you focus on the end game at the starting line, before you even really get started, these big things will seem way too much to achieve. Don’t get it twisted! Don’t think you shouldn’t have BIG LIFE CHANGING DREAMS, IDEAS AND GOALS! These are real life life changers for people and they do become reality! They say if you are not scared by your dream, it’s not big enough! (Not the exact quote; I hope Kristine K. Stevens doesn’t track me down 😉!) But these big things do not happen over night! You likely didn’t not gain that 100lbs over night, and becoming a millionaire (outside of hitting the lotto) takes time and investment in yourself and what you are doing to make it happen? If you focus on the on that huge life changing end game you can truly get overwhelmed!!

Small segments y’all, that is the KEY TO SUCCESS! Make each step obtainable and realistic! If you want to be a brain surgeon, you just can’t take an online class or on the job training – these are not realistic; you need years of schooling and a hospital residency (and I am sure more but I am not versed in how to become a surgeon). But I do know you could start by breaking it down to the initial college semesters you’d need and build the milestones from there. If you are trying to lose weight, you could start by picking a workout that fits you at your circumstance (please don’t try to be a marathon runner on the first day) Pick an eating plan that fits your lifestyle and start that after you are in the habit of working out so you aren’t overwhelmed. Know your end game is 100 pounds but focus on the first 10lbs. THEN..this you CANNOT go without doing;  celebrate accomplishing every little accomplishment toward getting to that goal. EVERY. LITTLE. ACCOMPLISHMENT! Don’t leave one out, they are important to your journey no matter what your new life change is going to be, no matter how big or how small!



So, I say all this to let you know, it’s awesome to be all gung ho at the beginning of a new year, but you can reinvent yourself at any time in your life. You don’t have to start on a Monday! You don’t have to wait to the beginning of the month! You don’t have to wait for the New Year! Any day can be a starting point. One foot in front of the other! Each step is the next step to the NEW YOU! You got this Ninjas! I hope you share some awesome transformation stories with me!