Heyyy Ninjas! My name is Bree Jones and I am The MS Ninja. My weakness (Multiple Sclerosis) is also my strength because of what it has taught me about my own health, ability, and determination. Life can actually be really good, even with a functional disability!! It’s amazing how trials actually do turn into testimonies. And the best part…I was able to find my inner Ninja through it all! 

I have done a lot of learning and growing in my life, and one thing I can say for sure is that I love people; I am fueled by helping others live more FANTABULISTIC lives of wellness; and I am empowered by God’s strength, wisdom, super dope compassion, and hope.

This MS Ninja is a semi-southern girl from Kentucky who is a ginormous football fan (my Hubbinator and I are a family united with a Star on our helmets – COWBOY NATION STAND UP!). I’m a hip-hop dancing, family adoring (my kids flippin’ AMAZEBALLS) Army Veteran, who is also a DragonBallZ/Marvel/DC comic nerd. I have worked in both the analytic (computer networking) and therapeutic (massage therapy) fields. I also am an experienced fitness accountability coach and public speaker.

As a former overweight food-addict (5′, 225lbs at my heaviest), I am crazy passionate about helping people build healthy relationships with their mind, body and spirit. I found ways to overcome my addictions and mental blocks to achieve weightloss and become an advocate for the Multiple Sclerosis community; those diagnosed as well as family members.

I understand well how easy it is to get discouraged in you journey of life. When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I became depressed and hopeless as my body began tingling and going weak on one side. Thankfully, God showed me all the blessings around me and how much I still had to offer. He helped me to realize I CAN DO THIS. I came to understand that MS is just a small part of me, and I have divine ninja-like skills, I was able to use to create my now fitspirational life, where I am able to function better, find inner happiness and live life fully despite my own physical and mental challenges. If you need help smashing through your obstacles and spin kicking your fears, to find ways to transform your life into something totally NINJA-tastic, I’m ready to help!

Please know. YOU can do this. WE can do this. I am here to inspire you to move forward. So, let’s join forces and take back the life you love – ninja style! “Kaaameeehaaameeehaaa!!!” (Dragon Ball Z reference for those comic geeks out there!!)

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