What do I mean by never letting a day go by without happiness? I mean just that! NEVER let a day go by with you!. PERIOD! POINT BLANK! We all live in this life and for what it’s worth we walk through it day by day and we have a choice we can choose to live happy life everyday or we can choose to live the life by means of our circumstances! If you have been on this earth more than a few days, you already know the circumstances we have in life on a daily basis fluctuate from one moment to the next.

There is not a day in our life will we will not run into a circumstance that makes us us want to laugh, cry, scream, jump for joy, drive us up a wall, make us super dope angry, do back flips, hurt our feelings, or make us want to just throw in the towel and give up! This is how how life is, it’s an everyday rat race where good things, bad things, happy things and sad things all happen at some point. It’s our own little emotional roller coaster and most of the time we cannot control what the circumstance is that is going to occur, we can merely control our emotions.

Living with MS only amplifies those emotions, because OK days can become bad days and bad days can become worse days and I think you get the picture here. It can start physical with symptoms that feel awkward or painful and turn into a mental battle than feels like we are fighting a fight that cannot be won. Here is where I implement mental fortitude. I have to tell myself what I want and how I will make my day look. Don’t get it twisted, some days I don’t alway succeed at the perfect day, but what it does do it allow me to get the best out of every day, even the worse days.

Over my lifetime I’ve dealt with a lot of pain and turmoil. Unfortunately, when I was younger I didn’t deal with it very well and I hurt many people and myself in more ways that I could begin to type in this blog. Maybe I’ll share some of my stories in the future. Long story short, I was angry, sad and hurt most of my young and young adult life. I wore that pain like a badge, not necessarily of honor, but more like a warning to everyone around me…I’M DAMAGED, BACK UP. Let me tell you how heavy that badge became. OMGoooosh! It was like carrying around the entire world on my shoulders. It took me a long time to realize no matter what I was going through, LITERALLY no matter how bad the circumstance was in my life, there were a few things that would never change and once I learned them it was like I dropped that heavy CRAPTASTIC world and was toting around a feather.

  1. If I couldn’t control it, I couldn’t let it control me, so release it
  2. As bad as it seemed, I always learned something from it…ALWAYS
  3. 99.5% of the time, I learned there was something GOOD in EVERY circumstance
  4. If it involved a person treating me bad, me moving on in happiness and succeeding was icing on the cake and they couldn’t ever take that away from me
  5. MY LIFE…MY RULES!!! 😝(Insert nanny nanny boo boo face/dance here – – LOL) I will not dwell in negative
  6. When you love ❤️yourself, deeply and truly, no one person can take it from you
  7. The past is where it should be, walking forward is ok, looking back to teach others what not to do is the only reason to go back
  8. Laughter IS REAL medicine…No one can prescribe it to you but it’s available at all times
  9. Dancing to your favorite song/music will change your mood 💯% (even if you cannot dance)💁
  10. Letting go of things and people is more liberating than anyone can ever know. Remove the clutter, YES some people are clutter…they are no longer a necessary part of your world any longer to include some family members

I know, I know, I know, easier said than done! I can already hear it in your mind as you read. You probably said it out loud. How do I just CHOOSE to be happy? It’s a process. You have to train your brain to react differently when you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for so long. Think of it like this. Ever been driving down the street and someone cuts you off or is driving super slow when you are trying to get somewhere in a hurry? Most of us immediately react with a negative response. YELLING, SCREAMING, CURSING, HONKING. How dare that person cut me off or drive so slow???? First, see how ironic this is right? We get mad in both instances! One they are driving fast and crazy and in the other way too slow. In both we have the same reaction and in both the car in front cannot hear us – Unless we honk, and yet we somehow feel vindicated in our one-sided blast of obscenities like it will change the situation. Guess what? It won’t! Now, imagine if we didn’t have that type of reaction? What if we thought, I wonder what that person is going through to make them do that? Maybe they are rushing to a hospital or to a job interview and if they don’t get the job they’ll lose their house. Maybe they are dealing with a terrible situation and don’t even realize they are driving so slow, but just in deep thought.

Strange to think about I know! We snap to negative because we are in our own worlds, in our little bubbles, worrying about our own selves. Sadly, we have been that person before, accidently cutting someone off, or driving distracted for one reason or another. Giving the “I’m sorry or I apologetic” wave 🤚 as they pass with their middle finger waving hello to us as they pass.🤦‍♀️

Simply put it’s MINDSET. You have to train yourself to think about before you act, or think before you allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole of negativity. You have to stop, literally STOP and think about what is going on and try to capture good in the moment, something you can be thankful for or something that will make you smile. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes or just take a breath and relax.  It’s not easy at first, but practice makes perfect, or at least makes it easier. Because if we are real, and I know I am, we all have knee jerk reactions to circumstances, I am the worse sometimes.  It is normal and that makes us human. However, it’s how we deal with it in the long term that will make us a happier human 😁😜 And trust me when I say I’d rather be happier and carry around that feather than angry and sad and carry around that weighted world any day!

As I wrap this up, I hope you take what I’ve learned and use some of these techniques below to release the negative in your world. They have helped me tremendously and I know they can help you too

  • Mediation
  • Journaling
  • Positive Self Talk (Affirmations)
  • Gratitude
  • Exercise (at least 20 minutes – dance your little hearts out)

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