Welcome To My ‘lil NINJA WORLD!!

Hello everyone! 

First, lets start off by letting you know right off the bat! This is a NO JUDGEMENT zone, YOUR journey is YOUR journey and trust I probably have ‘been there done that,’ maybe twice over. Having said that, if you are here, you have probably been in the same place I was at some capacity, trying to figure out how to make changes in your life. I’ve had some pretty big hurdles to overcome and I didn’t have much of a guide to go off of, no map to assist me through the steps and no one person to help me through.  I kind of just took pieces I picked up here and there and started implementing little bits at at time and voila…HERE I AM!!

I’ve had some steep hills to over come;  from alcoholism in my family at a young age, addictions in the family, mental – physical and sexual abuse in relationships as a teen, growing up way too fast, running away way too young, self-esteem issues, anger control issues, self control issues, eating addictions, obesity, a family riddled with illnesses, my multiple sclerosis, I’m sure the list could go on, but I’ll stop there. I think you get the picture, I was damaged. 
But I can tell you this…I am living proof that God is real and you can make it through! I’ve learned all kinds of coping mechanisms and ways to overcome just about anything. Even ways to recognize what is going on inside ourselves when we don’t exactly get it right then and there. So I hope my blog and Vlog entries will help!